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Do you have a unwanted or dangerous tree getting out of hand let Smetters Tree Service team climb, cut and rope down your tree. We specialize in lowering branches in tight quarters. Every job is completed in a Profesional manner. Locally owned and friendly staff are crew here to assist you in removing your tree.

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Does your Tree have huge branches that look like they could break off over your house or your car? Maybe your tree has dead or bending branches in your back yard were your kids play? We help maintain your tree by properly pruning your tree so it grows strong and keeps you worry free.

Dangerous trees

Safety first

Split tree or removing a broken tree off of your house or car is major set back to any home owner, I understand you did not expect to spend extra money on this so I charge a reasonable  rate to help home owners out removing their tree.

We practice in vigorous technique that keeps us safe and your property from being damaged. I have had a very impressive  review removing difficult trees. Every job is treated like I would in my own backyard, call someone you can depend on. Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back. 

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